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Summer Walker Finesse In The Streets Of Miami, Gets Bag Of Fake Weed

Summer Walker somehow got finessed in Miami with a bag of fake weed.

Summer Walker is clearly having the time of her life. Moving from literally nothing to something in a matter of months is sometimes unheard, however, clearly possible if you have a go-getter attitude and impressive abilities like the R&B singer. Summer walked into the hearts of fans with her debut album Over It, produced exclusively by her boo and producer London on Da Track. This is also the year that the world got to discover the introverted side of the singer as she provided a pretty concise acceptance speech for being selected as the winner of the best new artiste award at the Soul Train Awards in 2019. She later opened up about her social anxiety struggles.

Taking into account all that has happened for Summer Walker, it is only right that she took to Instagram to thank her many fans for the support they have shown her. She captioned the video outlining some of her major wins for 2019, “Beyond Blessed. My whole life changed in a year & a half, like literally year ago I was scrubbing toilets and stripping. I’m now damn near financially free with a paid off house & car with out a care in the world, and it’s all cause of y’all so thank you.”

Her fantastic year was also helped by multiple surprises from her boyfriend, which included stuffed animals, Mercedez Benz cars, and Diamond encrusted jewelry.

One surprise that nobody could have warned the singer about took place on her recent trip to Florida, where she is laying low for a bit. It seems Summer Walker got a hook up for some weed but ended up with a stash of garden herb instead. “Watch out Miami, they out here selling people oregano seasoning…$75 for some grass,” mentioned Summer has she showed fans the contents of the bag.

She did not reveal whether she was the one to make the purchase or not, but the dealer clearly scored bigtime. In Summer’s defense, with the various versions of marijuana on the market means that even an experienced user runs the risk of getting it wrong.

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