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Future Seeks Another Gag Order Against Alleged Baby Mamas


Future is not happy about all the publicity that two of his alleged baby mamas are getting.

Depending on who you ask, “Jumpin’ on a Jet” rapper Future is father to six or eight children. Not one to dip in the same gene pool, the kids all have different mothers, including Ciara, to whom he was previously engaged, Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, Joie Chavis, and a woman whose identity remains unknown. 

Two women who have made sure the world knows their names are Eliza Seraphin and Cindy Parker. The women have no connection, other than they both claim that Future fathered their children and want him to be held accountable. Seraphin, who is from Florida, says her daughter Reign belongs to the hip-hop artist, while Texas-based Parker is so convinced that the seed came from Future that she called her son Legend Wilburn, using Future’s real last name. 

The mothers have both filed a lawsuit claiming paternity, backed up with a DNA test that showed a 99.9% chance that their son and daughter are siblings. We think even Maury Povich would agree that’s pretty conducive.

As Future remains mum on the situation, the alleged baby mamas have continued their bashing on social media — something that the 36-year-old wants shut down. After a gag order against Seraphin was rejected by a court in August, Future has tried again. Legal documents show that he filed a petition shortly before Christmas on the grounds that he believes Seraphin is spreading “false and baseless allegations.”

Despite two random women claiming that Future is a deadbeat dad, this does not seem to be affecting his new relationship with Lori Harvey. The pair have become quite serious since first sparking rumors at Future’s birthday party in November. In that short amount of time, they have travelled to various locations, moved in together, and were even rumored to have gotten pregnant — if reports are be believed. If the model is indeed expecting, we have a feeling Future won’t be denying paternity.