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Rapper Tec Says Gunna Is A Snitch As “Crimestoppers” Video Went Viral

Rapper Tec is accusing Gunna as a snitched after he posted a Crimestoppers video that went viral.

The internet went into an uproar this weekend after Louisiana rapper Tec posted a video showing Gunna on an episode of Crimestoppers, which is a serious sin in gangster rap. The Atlanta rapper has had an amazing year in hip hop, where he was one of the most sought after artistes in the game for collaborations. Despite his hugely successful year, Gunna, aka Wunna, is closing out the year with a nightmarish scenario. According to Tec, Wunna is a rat and not a spider.

It’s unclear what beef Tec and Gunna have before the Louisiana native decided to slander one of the most talented MCs in the game this year. Moments before he posted the clip, Tec went on Instagram Live to let his fans know that the Gun was a rat, and he plans to prove it by releasing a tape on social media. He made good on his promised and dropped the video much to the dismay of some fans who appears to don’t know how to feel about it. Some of his fellow rappers like Blueface and YFN Lucci have reacted to the video in a trolling way.

Tec and his crew were yelling over the video, so it’s not entirely clear what Gunna was saying, but he responded to the clip saying that fans should do their research before rushing to judgement. We researched it and came up with nothing except that it appears that he was speaking about a case involving a relative. He also commented on the video saying that the clip is not on Crimestoppers and that Tec is lying.

The video is proving to be a real headache for Gunna, who is now getting some support from Young Thug.

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