Tarrus Riley Showcases Impeccable Vocals In “Just Love”

The main emotion that is usually felt during the festive season is love, and that is what reggae singer Tarrus Riley is sharing in Jamaica and all across the world.

The artiste premiered his music video for the June released track “Just Love” a day ago. The song comes from B.L.E.M.(Blending Life’s Experiences Musically), which is Riley’s most recently released EP. While speaking to Complex, Riley reveals his plans for the new decade and beyond, “You just need love in the end. That’s how we want to enter the new decade. We want to put out that sound and message into the world.”

The video’s intro effectively captures his message by sharing the views and experiences of a specific homeless couple. The clips capture the love and appreciation they have for each other, along with the small gestures they use to show their love. These include simple acts such as gifting of an old shoe or the sharing of food. Apart from the couple, we see elements of other Jamaicans treating each other with love, this is all backed by some power strings played by various persons in the video.

The track comes from IzyBeats, who has worked with other talented acts such as Koffee, Stylo G, and Burna Boy, just to name a few. The violin melodies flowing through the track helps to bring across the warm feeling of love that Christmas brings.

Along with the release of his new video Tarrus Riley held the10th staging of his Let Live Music Live concert in Emancipation Park on December 18, 2019.

“It is not about material things or vanity, it’s about love. We want to see people live together and try dem best to get along … . That’s the idea of Just Love,” mentioned the “She is Royal” singer to the Jamaican Gleaner.

The video for “Just Love” can be viewed on YouTube.