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Masicka Drops One Of The Hottest New Dancehall Songs Out Now, “Image”

Masicka secured one of the hottest new dancehall tracks on the airwaves this holiday season.

It’s all about the image with the Genahsyde boss, as we got a first-hand view of what it is like to live in his shoes for a night. It is also a high opener to the effects and outcomes of a certain image that he glorifies in his new track, “Image.” The visuals and shots captured for the video may go down as complete documentation of every man’s fantasy. We first get Masicka opening a bottle of Crisp Vodka before being escorted to a Rolls Royce Phantom, which was awaited him. The brand of the vodka is clearly important, as we get various shots of the vodka throughout the video.

The video cuts to the artiste being flanked by 4 gorgeous ladies as another woman brings a bottle of vodka. The video has a little bit of everything as we also get some pretty interesting staircase art pieces dominating a few scenes. These scenes see Masicka rocking it out with his girls who are dressed in a few urban contemporary getups. Masicka himself is sporting tattoos as his upper body coverup, along with a watch, signifying the image of a man from the streets.

The video is all about the image of the main man, solidifying the fact that image is not only about what is worn but the whole package. The scenes depicting the image of the streets is immediately contrasted by shots of the girls dancing or Masicka traveling in his RR. At any given time, Masicka is flanked by two of the most beautiful ladies in the scene at that time. The previous statement remains true until he touches the stage of a club to perform the hit single.

Masicka maintains his kingship as the video ends with the artiste rocking the crowd, forcing them to chant the lines of the track “Image.”

What more could a man ask?