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UK Drake Closes Out The Decade But Fans Not Liking The Skepta Comparisons

Drake, is that you, mate?

UK Drake is closing out what has been an impressive decade for Drizzy, but some fans aren’t too happy with the Skepta comparisons. The Canadian rapper released a brand new single yesterday, but instead of fans taking to social media to congratulate the Six-God and state how they have been playing the track on repeat, they are instead pointing out that Drizzy sounds a little different. Everyone knows that Aubrey Graham, Drake’s government name, was born in Toronto, but that hasn’t stopped him from inhabiting some foreign personas. That’s how you go international, no? In most of his tracks, Drake is just his regular Canadian self, but the Grammy Award winner has also been known to transition into a few other incarnations.

Back in 2016, Drake embraced the islands and added a Caribbean twang to his rapping style. This was around the time that he did a lot of work (work, work, work) with Rihanna, so it’s possible that her Barbadian vibes may have been the influence. But let’s not forget that the Jamaican Drake comes out ever so often. Just last year, Drake decided to add some Latin flavor by adopting a Spanish accent, which seems fitting, given that his Insta handle is “Champagne Papi.”

But who can forget good ol’ UK Drake? The British embodiment of the rapper first emerged in 2017, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that Drizzy was just a regular lad from ‘round London Town.

UK Drake has now made a return, according to those on Twitter who took a listen to the new track “War.” On it, the “God’s Plan” hitmaker raps in an English accent, using terms like “tings” which is as quintessentially London as a cup of tea with scones and clotted cream.

Some on social media are saying that if they wanted to listen to British hip hop, they’d look up artists like Skepta instead.

Perhaps we’re looking at this all wrong and not appreciating Drake’s damn fine acting skills? Let’s not forget that this was the kid who starred on Degrassi: The Next Generation for 145 episodes!

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