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DaBaby Exposed Police Officers Who Detain Him For No Reason In His Hometown

DaBaby reportedly had a run-in with the feds at his show in Charlotte last night.

The 28-year-old rapper was greeted by a squad of police officers after his performance who apparently wanted to arrest him for an unknown reason. A video that surfaced online shows DaBaby in handcuffs having a heated discussion with the uniformed men. The rapper can be heard telling the police that he didn’t want to go somewhere and advising them that they didn’t have to touch him.

Following the incident, DaBaby took to social media for a cathartic vent. “Dirty a** Police Department try to take me to jail every time I got a show in the city,” DaBaby wrote in his Instagram story. He also shared a video of the police outside “unlawfully shining multiple flashlights” through his windshield and car windows while he was inside performing. DaBaby says it was an attempt to find reasons to conduct an illegal search by the time he got off stage. In the last video of his story, DaBaby exposed the police who were being questioned by who we can only assume is an associate of the rapper. “Did you find anything?” the witness yelled from inside his own car.

It was pretty clear from the video that three policemen were illegally investigating the inside of the rapper’s white Dodge Challenger but quickly turned away and started walking in the other direction when they noticed they were being filmed. “Notice their body language when they realized someone caught them doing what they were doing,” DaBaby wrote in his story. “‘Let’s just walk off like we weren’t just illegally looking in his car’,” the rapper added.

When the man who was sitting in his vehicle asked the lawmen why they were breaking into DaBaby’s car, one officer denied it, claiming they have “not yet” done so as they would need a warrant first. He later tried to scare the witness away by mentioning a marijuana smell coming from his car. Wow, that’s not suspicious at all.

The reason for the arrest was not clear, but some fans started speculating that it’s nothing more than your basic case of “Rich while black.” Though I detest ever having to pull the race card or making everything a racial controversy as the culture often does, the fact is the police were never heard mirandizing the rapper or giving any real reason for the arrest.

Moreover, DaBaby shared an Instagram Live late last night detailing the experience where he said they “illegally searched” and “illegally arrested” him. He also mentioned that he was at the precinct for 3 hours, and they made him take about 12 mugshots before releasing him through the same door that they entered through, which he said wasn’t the right procedure based on his previous experiences. The rapper added that they didn’t even bother to cut off his arrest armband that he shouldn’t have been allowed to leave with.

Earlier that same day, DaBaby was giving back to the city of Charlotte at a Christmas Charity event where kids received gifts and treats. Who would have thought the rapper’s night would end like this?