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DaBaby Addresses His Arrest In Charlotte, Release More Footage Of Police Encounter

DaBaby addresses his arrest last night in Charlotte.

The “Bop” rapper performed for his home crowd in the North Carolina city as part of his “Kirk Tour,” but things turned sour once DaBaby left the stage at the Bojangles Coliseum. DaBaby was put into handcuffs by members of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department on charges of marijuana possession. According to the 28-year-old, the cops had searched his car without a warrant while he was performing.

“[They target me] every time. There’s nobody when I pull up in the parking lot, the second I get out the car, 15 cops come around,” he told Channel 9.

As if that wasn’t enough, the authorities then also issued him a citation for resisting arrest, which he denies doing. “So what we got is high-quality audio and video of me doing everything but resisting arrest before they just brought me down here, and we will be airing it out,” DaBaby told the broadcaster.

Thankfully, the rapper, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk, was released but has since vented his anger at the police’s actions. “Dirty a** police department try to take me to jail every time I got a show in the city,” he declared in his Instagram Story.

Showing off the identity bracelets they made him wear, DaBaby told fans, “This how you know the police there are wrong. I’m waiting to see the magistrate, three hours. They made me take 12 different mugshots.” He continued to reveal that he was also denied his right to make a phone call.

DaBaby’s team captured footage of the cops performing the illegal search of his vehicle and have now shared it online. “CMPD was outside doing this,” he wrote. “Unlawfully shining multiple flashlights in my car looking for reasons to support an illegal search by the time I got off stage.”