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21 Savage Reacts To Jada Pinkett Smith Calling Rihanna The Only True ‘Savage’ In Existence

Jada Pinkett Smith stirred up some emotions on social media yesterday when she stripped everyone of their self-proclaimed ‘savage’ status.

When Rihanna said, “Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage” Jada Pinkett Smith believed her. We’re not privy to what inspired her tweet, but the iconic actress took to Twitter on Monday to make a statement that most people did not bother to argue. “The only savage I know is Rihanna. The rest of us be fake’n,” Jada tweeted. A screenshot of the tweet went viral on Instagram, where users chimed in on the statement in the comments.

One of the many reactions were from rapper 21 Savage, who begged to differ. The rapper took to the comments with a response that said it all – the raised hand emoji. Apparently, 21 Savage takes pride in his savagery and refused to go down without a rebuttal.

Other fans used the opportunity to list some of the other celebrities that could keep the title besides the Savage X Fenty fashion icon. “She must not know Future,” one fan commented and received over a thousand likes. Another wrote, “Nah Kmichelle is realer than all of them.” What seemed to be a popular opinion among Instagram users was that Diddy’s ex-girlfriend or ex-fling (we’re still not sure what to call her) and Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter also shows traits of savagery at its finest. “Lies because Lori Harvey is definitely a savage,” a fan said to Jada’s claims that the status was exclusive to Rihanna.

Fans have been having fun with the post, even taking to the comments to beg Rihanna for her long-anticipated R9 album that she promised this year. Some speculated that Jada was a fan herself, and she just wants the new album as well.

The funniest part was realizing how many people wanted the title for themselves, alleging that they would give Rihanna a run for her money in the savage department. Do you think there are any real savages out here besides the highest-paid female artist herself?