Rihanna Gives Another R9 Update, More Disappointments As 2019 Comes To An End


Hear that? It’s us waiting and waiting for Rihanna’s new album.

Rihanna appears to give us another update on R9, but it turns out to be more disappointments. Fans have been waiting for the “What’s My Name” singer’s ninth studio album ever since ANTI hit the shelves in 2016. Throughout that time, hints have been coming about what we can expect from the album that has been dubbed R9. Throughout the year, RiRi has been trolling us about the pending project, which is supposed to be a dancehall inspired body of work. However, as 2019 comes to a close, we’ve yet to have an official title or release date.

British musician, Shakka, referred to the upcoming work as “absolutely insane” when he revealed that he was working with the Barbadian as far back as October 2017. RiRi’s vocal producer, Kuk Harrell, describes it as amazing and incredible. Earlier this year, RiRi revealed that the project will have a reggae sound and will be out in 2019. As the year has whittled down to its final days, fans had mostly given up on her words. But, as they say, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings… or, in this case, one of the most successful artists of the decade.

Rihanna’s name was trending on Twitter today — all because the 31-year-old decided to do some trolling on IG.

Sharing a video of a dog rocking out to “Jump Around” by House of Pain, RiRi wrote, “Update: me listening to R9 by myself and refusing to release it.” Is there a chance that Rihanna will gift her fans with a surprise Christmas present? Or even drop R9 on New Year’s Eve, so we all have something to tell the DJ to “Pon De Replay”?

2020 will also see the Fenty entrepreneur as the focus of a $25 million documentary that will be screened on Amazon. Peter Berg, who previously directed Rihanna in the 2012 blockbuster, Battleship, will helm the project.

In the meantime, though, b**ch better have our album!