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Melyssa Ford Says The Game Honda Accord Lyrics Destroyed Her Life

Melyssa Ford still hasn’t forgiven The Game for ruining her career with his “Honda Accord lyrics.”

The former video girl went from being on top of her game (pardon the pun) in the early 2000s, to somewhat obscurity, and she feels that the “How We Do” rapper should take a large part of the blame. In 2007, The Game released a track called “Wouldn’t Get Far.” The Kanye West collab sees the pair name-dropping several video vixens, models, and actresses in what could be considered a diss track. Miss Ford was one of those women. The lyric referring to her stated, “All these new video b*tches tryin’ to be Melyssa Ford / But they don’t know Melyssa Ford drive a Honda Accord / She a video vixen, but behind closed doors / She do whatever it take to get to the Grammy Award.”

While sitting down with Claudia Jordan on her show Out Loud, Melyssa said, “Not only have I never had a Honda Accord, at the time the song came out I was driving a champagne-colored Mercedes Benz 550. Nothing rhymes with that, so…”

Despite a bevy of women making the cut in the controversial song, Melyssa says she got the worst of the impact.

“He named so many women. Gabrielle Union, Gloria Valez, Meagan Good, he names like twenty girls,” she said. “Nobody is remembered from that song except me in 2006. That song destroyed my relationship because of the way people talked about me. [Karrine Steffan’s] book solidified that I was a whore. Meanwhile, I owned nothing. The activities that she did and that he was insinuating —I didn’t even know Game! I only met him once when he was one of 50 [Cent’s] G-Unit soldiers. All of this was my cross to bear and it was so difficult because no one stood up for me. No one defended me… My heart was broken. The guy I was with left me because of it. He couldn’t deal with it. He couldn’t deal with how people were talking about me and how loosely they discussed me, even though I did nothing to contribute to that conversation.”

Melyssa revealed that she felt depressed and humiliated as a result of the song and the book by former vixen, Steffan, leading her to self-medicate with alcohol as a means of coping.

The good news is that since April 2019, Melyssa has co-hosted hip-hop and pop culture radio show, Hollywood Unlocked.

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TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh ___ Listen, #MelyssaFord wants some respect thrown on her name. She might be known for her video vixen years but that doesn’t mean she was out here doing video vixen things, according to her. ___ Despite whatever reputation she may have gotten over the years, Melyssa decided to clear the air on “Out Loud” with Claudia Jordan and speak on how The Game’s song “Wouldn’t Get Far” negatively affected her career. ___ “He names like 20 girls. Nobody is remembered from that song except me in 2006,” Melyssa said. “That song destroyed my relationship because of the way people talked about me. The book just solidified that I was a whore.” ___ She also went on to make things clear that Melyssa Ford never owned a Honda Accord and she said she was actually riding around in a champagne-colored-click the link in our bio to read more. ?: @foxsoul @claudiajordan

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