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Drake Ears Are Blinging And Fans Aren’t Sure How To React To His New Piercing

It’s not just Drake’s hotline that’s blinging — it’s his earlobes, too!

The “Money in the Grave” rapper was spotted in Atlanta on Friday night with some ice around his ears as he finally took the plunge and got some piercings done. The reason behind the new addition? Drake says he was recently on a music video shoot where he was wearing magnetic earrings. He scored some compliments from a couple ladies on set and decided to make the jewelry permanent, which sounds perfectly logical to us.

It’s normal to get a bit squeamish when someone comes at you with a needle, so Drake did his research and looked up who was the best with a sharp instrument in the city. The results clearly stated Otniel Pichardo, who owns tattoo and piercing parlor, Atlanta Ink. A phone call later, Otniel and his team were headed to Drizzy’s Buckhead hotel with some cotton swabs, disinfectants, and a sharpie in their kit.

The left ear was reportedly the first victim, with Atlanta Ink’s top piercer, Christian, doing the honors. The 6-God had decided that symmetry was a trend, and sucked it up as a needle went through his right lobe, too, which apparently hurt slightly more.

Known as Champagne Papi for a reason, Drake has a stylish rep to maintain. So, only the finest jewelry could be used to complement the new look. The rapper reportedly picked up a pair of 3-carat diamond studs that are worth $70,000.

While the girls on the video set may now be patting themselves on the back for inspiring Drake’s new look, not everyone is sure about the move.

Many Twitter users were surprised to discover that Drake’s lobes had gone untouched all these years, while others are not so sure that Drizzy is pulling it off.