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Tekashi 6ix9ine Has A Secret Child As Revealed In Court Documents

Tekashi 6ixi9ine

Court documents confirmed what Tekashi 6ix9ine’s baby mama previously said, that he has a second child.

Tekashi 6ix9ine now has one more reason to look forward to his release from prison next year. Yesterday, the “BEBE” rapper finally learned his fate following a lengthy case that has lasted over a year. He was arrested along with 4 others in November 2018 in connection with their involvement in the notorious Nine Trey Blood Gangsters. 6ix9ine faced 9 charges, including racketeering, firearms possession, and conspiracy to commit murder and armed robbery.

After pleading guilty to all, the hip hop artist, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, was looking at 47 years behind bars, but a plea deal with prosecutors that saw him testify against his former gang members, saw him receive a much lighter sentence.

During the final sentencing, in which Judge Paul Engelmayer handed down his verdict of 24 months, he made mention of a letter which revealed that Hernandez had fathered a second child.

The 23-year-old is already dad to 6-year-old Saraiyah whose mother is Tekashi’s ex-girlfriend, Sara Molina. She previously stated in an interview with Vlad TV earlier in the year that her daughter was not the rapper’s only descendant. “There’s only one child present, and the DNA isn’t in yet, but I believe that’s his child,” she said. “That can be his kid, and he admitted that to me.”

The letter received by Judge Engelmayer was sent by a woman named Marlena, with the arbitrator saying that she and 6ix9ine are the parents of a child born in November 2018.

This was backed up by the multi-colored musician who told the court, “I’m sorry to the world, I’m sorry to my family, to my daughters, to my fans and followers people who believed in me, and to the other families who are affected by this and to this courtroom.”

As 6ix9ine has already served 13 months, he will be due for release in July 2020, after which he will serve 300 hours of community service and pay a $35,000 fine.