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Tekashi69 Has A Second Child Says Baby Mama Sara Molina

Tekashi69 baby mama daughter

Did Tekashi69 father a second child before going to prison?

Tekashi 6ix9ine baby mama Sara Molina is speaking out about the controversial rapper’s affairs including addressing rumors that she slept with the rapper’s former manager Shottie, who is now his sworn enemy. 69 and Sara have a daughter together, and up until the time of her interview with VLAD, we all thought that their baby girl was his only child. Sara is now claiming that he has a second child with another female.

She is also accusing him of physically abusing her at once point where he punched her in her face which busted her lip. Sara claimed that he then gave her some hush money because she was about to press charges against him. Even for Tekashi69, who is behind bars, that is some serious accusation. While she did not disclose the exact dollar figure, she did say it was much less than he spent on a G Wagon for his new girlfriend, Jade. A Mercedes Benz G Wagon retail for around $150,000.

Sara has previously accused 6ix9ine of impregnating multiple women, and now she is saying that at least one of those baby mamas may have given birth. This means that the rapper will likely learn that he is a father again from behind bars. 69 is awaiting the outcome of his case where he struck a plea deal to testify against his former associates in returned for a reprieve on his sentencing.