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Meek Mill New Signee Yung Ro Says Police Beat Him To A Pulp, Show Gruesome Injuries

Meek Mill’s new signee Yung Ro has shared how he was physically assaulted by police. The beatdown sent the founder of Black Pearl entertainment to the hospital. Having none of it, Yung Ro disclosed the incident on his Instagram feed. He said the police who beat him up wanted to pass a message to Meek Mill over his justice system reform campaign.

The emerging Houston rapper began as an independent, before forming his own label. His debut single was “Donk Dat.” The track topped at number 3 on the Hip-hop/R&B Billboard chart.

Ro is now part of Meek’s Dream Chasers Records – one of the reasons for his beatdown. The label works in partnership with Roc Nation. The St. Louis artist has been at ills with Blueface over criticism he received on a post. Their beef, which only seems to he heading for the worst. Meek has urged them to patch things up as they are “ärguing about nothing.” Back in October, Yung Ro released a project titled “777.” The seven-track album has tracks like Real Sh*t” and “Real Sh*t 2.” Last months’ “Spin Cycle” was an internet hit.

Meek recently became the face of a nationwide prison reform campaign. The Philadephia rapper has teamed up with Jay Z and other business leaders to try to change the system. In an interview with GMA, he argues overspending 11 years on probation and being incarcerated almost three-four times. Both sports and business leaders committed $50 million to have this changed.

Among the notable business leaders are Michael Rubin, co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, CNN political commentator Van Jones, “who is its CEO, and others. Mill attributed his motivation from the #FreeMeekMill movement, which helped him get released in 2018.