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Ja Rule Drops A New Song Weirdly Titled “FYRE” Announces New Album

Ja Rule’s new song is titled “FYRE” and he got a new album coming too.

Ja Rule might have hit a nerve for some people with his latest track. The rapper took to Instagram today to unveil a new song he calls “Fyre,” and the audacity has many people looking at him sideways. You might recall that Ja Rule was allegedly involved in quite the controversial fraud scheme with the infamous Fyre Festival that never happened. The even that promised to feature some of the top artists and celebrities along with luxury facilities was nothing but a shack on the sand. While Ja Rule was previously wrapped up in the lawsuits that stemmed from the Fyre Festival fiasco, he found time to make a track in its namesake.

Ja Rule used the name of the festival to create an acronym that stands for “For Your Real Entertainment.” The rapper really did not hold back with his barefaced approach on the track. “The fest—the festival is on fire/We don’t need no water, make that motherf***er hotter/Hotter than the sun, but it wasn’t that/Show of hands if you got your money back?/Just playing, I got sued for that/100 mil to be exact,” Ja raps.

The entire song was released on Instagram and in the caption, Rule revealed that he got a new album coming next year. “For Your Real Entertainment… Fyre. New album release date LEAP YEAR!!! Until then Have fun!!! love y’all… Rule 12.Twelve.XII #Iconn,” he wrote. “I’m still working on the album it’s coming out dope… be patient wit me I’m working on a lot!!! Feb. 29 new date my bday.”

Ja Rule also used the opportunity to respond to some of the backlashes he’d been getting since the controversy. If you had a hand in dishing out insults to the rapper on Twitter, you might want to hear his response. Check out the full track here.