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NBA YoungBoy Dropping Yaya Meather Diss Track “Dirty Iyanna”

NBA YoungBoy and Yaya Mayweather

NBA YoungBoy has some heat on the way, and it seems Iyanna Mayweather may be the one getting roasted.

NBA YoungBoy dug deep and channeled his inner Michael Jackson energy we know he has and came with the title “Dirty Iyanna.” Based on the short preview we got, he has also borrowed melodies and a riff from MJ’s “Dirty Diana’s chorus. A leaked 15-seconds clip of the song is making its rounds on social media, and Youngboy can be heard singing, “She slashed the tires on my car,” before belting out into the chorus. Earlier in the year, the rapper went on a rant accusing Floyds, daughter of slashing the tires on his Maybach. Yaya denied all claims that she had anything to do with the incident. However, it seems NBA YoungBoy had some inside knowledge of what happened.

NBA and Yaya were once a loving couple with the young Mayweather, even showing him support during his incarceration. While their relationship had its good days, there were also off days that seemingly meant the end of their union. One such day came about a few weeks ago when NBA had is cameraman burn a portrait of him and Yaya, but Yaya’s recent actions have left fans with questions. She was reportedly spotted going to NBA Youngboy’s house a few days ago. If she has beef with him, why would she be paying him a visit?

Nonetheless, this song is set to be released shortly, and with the lavish promotion, fans are anticipating something good. The rapper paid for a large billboard to promote the track. The contents of the billboard are simply a shot of NBA and “Dirty Iyanna” written to the right in a similar red font that was used to write “Dirty Diana” on MJ’s track.

Do you think NBA YoungBoy will spill any tea in his new track, or is the constant beef with lady Mayweather all for clout?