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Twitter Blast Lizzo For Wearing This Controversial Outfit To Lakers NBA Game

The internet isn’t here for Lizzo, showing her behind in public places, especially an NBA game.

Throughout Lizzo’s rise to stardom in 2019, she has been a symbol of body positivity and has been vocal about shining a positive light on full-figured women. The “Truth Hurts” singer is all about embracing her curves and challenging society’s standard of beauty by being unapologetic about what she wears and how she wears it. Fans have become used to seeing her perform in leotards or posting revealing photos to her social media accounts, but her latest fashion choice has some people saying she crossed a line.

A video surfaced Monday night of the 8-time Grammy-nominated singer attending the Lakers vs. Timberwolves game wearing a long black t-shirt with the back cut out, showing her bare botty wearing a thong. A clip also showed Lizzo appearing on the jumbotron during the game where she stood up and began to twerk, flashing her butt to the camera for the entire Staples Center to see. The footage sparked debate over whether or not the outfit was appropriate for a public setting, let alone an arena where there were tons of children present.


Several fans bashed Lizzo for her choice of style, saying she was pushing her boundaries too far. Others felt like it was another case of body shaming and argued her outfit would have been acceptable on a slimmer woman. Even fellow celebrities like rapper Reason of TDE and singer Ari Lennox of Dreamville chimed in on the discussion, both arguing from opposite viewpoints. “Iight bruh I’ve had enough,” Reason tweeted in response to the viral videos. “Like that’s not body shaming, you just doing too much.”

But Ari Lennox — who was accused of hating on Lizzo last month for winning a Soul Train award over her — came out defended her fellow songstress. “I know this is late but I’m tired!!! Stop using my name and my previous rant to bash and body shame Lizzo,” Ari said. “For the last time my previous rant was no diss to her. I’m not here for that ignorant sh*t and want no inclusion!! This the most contradicting and ignorant sh*t I’ve seen in a long time! This has been the year of beautiful women in all shapes in thongs and now there’s problem…”

You can catch some of the social media conversation from Lizzo’s pantless night below.