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Agent Sasco Shells Up Park Camp Performing Some Of His Classics, Watch It

Agent Sasco was winning in Up Park Camp on Monday as he flexed his vocal muscles in front of scores of Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) soldiers at the army’s Support and Services Battalion Annual Men’s Dinner.

Sasco posted a 35-second video snippet of his rendition of his hit track “Mix Up,” which the soldiers on Tuesday and captioned it “#JDF yesterday was a #Shellinzzzzz #Salute #GiveThanks.”

The canteen erupted in whistles and cheers, as the thrilled soldiers ‘gun fingers’ rose in the air, as some ‘bus blanks’ while others beat the tables with glee like politicians in Parliament, as Sasco, clad in monochromatic black, sang lines from the second verse of the song. Soldiers chipped in with a loud shout when he got to the line, which ended with the words “big batty.”

Sasco’s fans and his musical compatriots were highly impressed that he was able to perform in front of, and please so many different audiences and was so well appreciated by the military. One fan even declared that the response of the servicemen and women was to Sasco, was ‘a pure evidence of love’.

“Ya know ya a icon when the entire military can voice ya tunes,” milleniumbones said while another follower quipped: “Di boss have di soulja dem a shoot up di place.”s

Some of his fans also took the opportunity to point out the deficiencies in the quality of performance of some of the upcoming artistes, while hailing the Camperdown High school old boy for his always-classic stage performances.

“A suh artiste fi sound. Dem ya lil artist ya, as dem go pan stage dem jump up n dung a shout, then all yu hear a ‘dash we dat, next track’,” one fan said, while another added: “All yu so-called big artiste out there! Watch an learn how a real artiste takes control of the crowd and entertain.”

Many of Sasco’s fans went to the extreme with their quips.

“Is a good thing the soldier dem never strapped cause a lone gun shot inna de place. War zone, str8 shellings,” one fan joked.