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50 Cent Son’s Christmas Wish Might Be Bigger Than His Net Worth

50 Cent and Sire Jackson

50 Cent will need to become a billionaire fast to afford his son’s Christmas wish.

50 Cent has never been shy about having a soft spot for his son with Daphne Joy, Sire Jackson. The G-Unit chief posted a clip of a phone call with his 7-year-old son on Instagram on Tuesday, and the conversation was pretty interesting. It makes you wonder why Fif and his eldest son Marquise Jackson are bitter enemies because Sire is spoiled for sure. 50 Cent asked his son what he wanted for Christmas, and his response blew even Fif’s mind.

“I want the whole store of Toys R U,” he said. Fifty responded asking him for what. Sire reiterated what he said and by then the only thing the rap mogul could do is laugh about it. Fif captioned the clip, “what you want for Christmas, I WANT THE WHOLE STORE. ok I have to work harder what the f**k, the whole store.”

50 Cent’s net worth is estimated at $30 million this year, which is a huge drop from a few years back when he was estimated to be worth around $150 million, according to Forbes. With $30 million, he can likely buy the entire toy collection in a Toys R Us store, but of course, it would put a dent in his bank account.

It won’t take long for 50 Cent’s other son, Marquise Jackson, who is just as petty as him, to respond.