Rosh Rebel’s New Track “Hold On” Leaves Fans Emotional

Rosh Rebel

Jamaican vocalist Rosh Rebel released her single “Hold On” this weekend and it’s her most heartfelt track yet.

I seldom have to fight back tears to get through my thoughts on a song but “Hold On” left me completely floored and in no control whatsoever of my faculties. The track that has got everybody talking was produced by Tolu of 14 Terrace Records. In the emotional song, Rosh talks about the importance of holding on to our dreams regardless of the unbelievably difficult obstacles that we’re faced with. Fans all over Jamaica, especially those who know Rosh Rebel’s story have been reacting to the heartfelt emotions that the songbird left on this meaningful record.

Rosh who sadly lost both of her parents, wrote this song in memory of them and her mission to keep pushing on. Even the instrumental is a tear jerker that cannot be evaded. This songstress continues to be the epitome of strength as she uses her own embattled story to encourage others to keep chasing their dreams.

“All a di stars out there mi a guh reach dem / All a di lessons wah mi learn mi a guh teach dem / I have a dream seh mi haffi haffi mek it / I have a dream and nobody cya tek it from me / All a di stars me a reach / And all a di lessons me a teach / Ghetto yute hold on to yuh dreams,” Rosh sings on the uplifting track.

Fans have been very vocal about the song’s emotional but inspiring after taste. “Can feel the emotions in this one freal,” one fan wrote on Instagram. Another fan shared, “I love this song it’s talking to me in so many ways, this song inspire and motivate me.” One fan even acknowledged and commended the powerhouse vocalist for the strength behind this profound composure of wonderfully raw emotions. “Rosh, I admire the courage and strength of your character which is vividly reflected in your music. I’m immensely touched, motivated and inspired by the potent and meaningful lyrics on this new single (Hold On),” this fan professed.

My prediction is this songstress “haffi haffi mek it!” Grab some tissues, a handkerchief or if you’d prefer to wallow in genuine feelings for three minutes, skip all that and just stream “Hold On” by Rosh Rebel now and as many times as you need to find the motivation to “hold on to your dreams.”