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Meek Mill’s Gets Wide Side Eye From His Girlfriend For Channeling The Weeknd

Meek Mill gets a wide side eye from his girlfriend Milano who reacted to a post he made referencing The Weeknd.

Meek Mill may be hitting the couch tonight after posting some savage lines from The Weeknd‘s new song “Heartless.” Let’s us throw it out there, fellas if you have a girl, please don’t sing or quote any lines from Abel’s new track. The only reason you may do such a thing is if you want to have her in a bad mood or if you just want to be in the doghouse, and no guy really wants that. Meek did the unthinkable and quoted the following line, “I’m back to my ways cuz I’m heartless ….. all this money and this pain made me heartless.”

As you can expect, his girl has some questions just from that very line. Meek Mill may have just been an innocent bystander in this, quoting one of the more catchy lines from his friend’s track; you know showing him some love and support for finding the drive to make music again.

While Meek does keep him relationships away from the public, he has been seen with the gorgeous, Philly fashionista Milano Di Rouge. The two have been on vacation together, and her comment below his post shows that things are pretty serious.

She checked him in the comment section, with a quick, “Boy You and these captions [laughing emoji].”
As fellas, you know a smile usually means more than what it is. Sadly, meek should have some explaining to do if he has not already done so as we know he is a slick cat.

On the flipside, “Heartless” hits hard. Therefore, anyone could end up like Meek.