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Lil Reese Shooting Suspect Identified By Police: Update

Lil Reese rapper

Lil Reese shooting suspect has been identified by police who are now on the hunt.

The latest update in the Chicago rapper’s shooting case is that police identified one person of interest, but has yet to locate that person. Lil Reese stared death in the face earlier this month, but he wished him a loud goodbye. Death came in the form of a male shooter who hopped out of a car, spraying Lil Reese’s car with bullets from a mini Draco automatic gun. A nearby street camera was able to capture the car, the shooter and associate(s) used to do the driveby. During their latest report, the police have confirmed that they were able to locate the car through their investigations.

Along with the finding of the car, the Country Club Hills Public Safety Director William Brown also confirmed that the police listed someone as a person of interest, NBC Chicago reported. According to Brown, “Investigators are awaiting the issuance of an arrest warrant to arrest the individual.”

Sadly, the police have not confirmed if the person in interest is connected to any gangs or if they were professional hitmen paid to get the job done. What is indeed known, is that the Southern rap community was rocked when news broke that Lil Reese was shot in his car. The hit took place at the intersection of 167th and Pulaski in a suburban area outside of Chicago.

Luckily the bullet missed the vital parts of his neck. He was rushed to the South Suburban Hospital’s emergency room after which, he was transferred to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. After Reese was patched up by the doctors, he made a post to his Instagram account to let his fans know how he was doing. The photo posted showed him with sutures in his neck. He captioned the post with gratitude, “Made 4 it Lifes a gamble I got hella luck.”

We hope to see Lil Reese back in action very soon, recording new and performing on new stages.