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Jada Kingdom “I’m The Baddest Female Artist In Jamaica”

Jada Kingdom rules her domain, and let’s face it; Twitter is Twinkle’s favorite playground. Jada Kingdom can get pretty personal on Twitter and is known to let her thoughts be free.

Jada Kingdom did just that on Sunday, November 24, 2019, when she tweeted, “I’m literally the youngest and the baddest. idgaf weh a sell mouth boy or bi**h wah seh! haha watch dis!.” She added another tweet a couple of minutes later when she wrote, “I’m one of Jamaica’s baddest female recording artist and that’s on life.”

Jada Kingdom found notoriety as a model after appearing in Sean Kingston’s 2011 track, “One A Way.” While her modeling career grew from that point, her real breakthrough as an artiste came with her hit song, “Love Situations,” done in 2017. Since then, she has provided fans with songs such as, “Unwanted,” “Wull On,” “Wasteman,” “Finally,” “Execution,” and among other tracks.

The artiste brings a unique set of emotions to every recording, and fans have commended her for her flows and deliveries on tracks such as “Banana” and “One Time.”

During an interview with Fader Magazine, the then 20 years old entertainer was dubbed ‘Jamaica’s alternative voice of pain,’ effectively turning emotional trauma into soulful music. According to the magazine, “Kingdom’s voice and songs sound completely different from anything we’ve ever heard out of Jamdown, positioning her as the crossover artist to watch.” While she has not yet found that major crossover hit, she does seem to fit the bill to make the leap in the future.

During Sunday’s Twitter binge, Jada did identify her stage performance as one of her weaknesses that she is working on. She tweeted, “When I master di stage everything dead!”

While her fans embraced her confidence for calling herself one of the ‘baddest’ out of Jamaica, there were still mixed feelings towards what she tweeted on Sunday. Bad Gyal DyDy also tweeted that same night, “Self praise a nuh recommendation ……” No tags were made however, Jada Kingdom seemingly picked up on the response and made sure to provide a reason for her statement.

She tweeted, “Self praise is no recommendation. BUT if mi nuh bleev inna mi self den who aguh tek mi seriously? mhm… lmao if mi fi wait pon dem bad mind ppl yah fi bleev inna mi,i nuh reach a r**se weh! wulla unuh f**k off.”

The following day she sounded off another tweet seemingly addressing someone who clearly took offense. “My tweet wasn’t about you” DWL! move fron ya suh! a betta yuh did seh u got hacked,” she wrote.