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Beyonce Gets Massive Respect From OT Genasis For Using His Hit Songs On Tour

OT Genasis is showing his gratitude to Beyoncé.

Beyoncé is arguably the biggest superstar of our generation, so anytime she shines her bright light on another artist, it is a major deal for them. Atlanta rapper OT Genasis realizes just how big Mrs. Carter’s influence is as he penned her a sweet message on social media for incorporating his songs “Cut It” and “Everybody Mad” into her tour sets over the last few years.

“Today I wanna give thanks to you…,” OT Genasis wrote on his Instagram Monday under a selfie of the Lemonade singer. “You took “CUT IT” on a world wide tour performing it for the world..3 years later you did the same with “EVERYBODY MAD” if nobody played my music YOU DID..Thank you @beyonce.” During the Formation World Tour in 2016, Beyonce mixed OT’s “Cut It” with Desiigner’s hit song “Panda” for an epic dance step in the middle of her performance that quickly went viral and sparked “Cut It” challenges from fans.

At her legendary “Beychella” performance, the queen revisited an OT Genasis hit, this time breaking down “Everybody Mad,” another routine that broke the internet as fans learned every step. There is no telling what these two moments did for OT Genasis’ streams or sales, but Beyoncé did him a major favor on impact alone. It was nice to see him publicly thank her for such a great gesture. We love when Beyoncé shows us that no matter how high-powered she gets, she still has her ear to the streets.