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Dame Dash Addresses Arrest Over Child Support, Says He Brought The Money To Court

Dame Dash was on a mission to clear his name surrounding allegations he is broke and got put in the slammer for unpaid child support.

The business mogul took to Instagram to share a video of him standing in front of a number of photographers and reporters while breaking down his many businesses and lashing out against media houses for providing fake news. “You never talk about the fact I own a 100 Million dollar company for the last 10 years, they haven’t talked about my television network 24 hours a day, [that’s] independent or Dame Dash streaming service [that is] independent,” he said.

He continued to comment on the things that the media writes about and questioned if he is getting the heat from the cops because he is black. He did not linger on the point of him being mistreated because of race. What he did do was to caption the video seemingly trolling the various media houses such as TMZ and Page Six that actually ran the post on him being arrested for unpaid child support. The caption reads, “I already know they gonna try to say bits and pieces of my statements … this is my statement … let’s see if they write everything I say.”

“I went to turn myself in with money, I already paid it and I still walk in with cuffs,” continued Dash as he explains that he was still put under arrest even though he paid the 400k he owed to Rachel Roy for Tallulah Ruth Dash and Ava Dash.

“That’s okay, I still look good though,” commented Dash in his usual confident way before jumping into his vehicle to end the mini impromptu press conference.

The co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records is currently expecting another child with fiancée Raquel Horn.