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Chronic Law Drops Another Gangsta Anthem “Lif Up”

Chronic Law has a new track called “Lif Up.”

The production crew brings us a familiar beat, and a Chronic delivers a somewhat familiar flow to this new track. This proves that the musical chemistry between Attomatic Records, Hemton Music, and Chronic Law is well known. The collaborative effort brought about a number of great tracks since the forming of the record labels back in 2018.

The title of the track and the artwork gives listeners an insight into the type of lyrics the artiste is spitting over the groovy new age dancehall styled beat. Chronic Law tackles his critics and promises to take up arms against his foes, and he finds some pretty creative ways to tell us just how he is going to get it done.

He effectively preaches his gangsterism, “Put finger inna KFC box just like hot wings.” He salutes his fellow 6IXX members and his Trinidad and Tobago fans during the song’s intro before who gets into the chorus.

“Lif up the Berreta with the beauty / gal a make shot a ketch dem head up and a no scoochie / badness a no movie me lif up a benelli [gun] dawg it pretty like me jewelry,” sings the Lawboss in a deep tone. His voice is transformed for the second aspect of the chorus, “Yo MadDawg, lif up the K dem a Lucea, Bashy have a glock it chip up but a no bruises / see them face easy fi bend up like when shoes big / bloodc***t murderer dem no know a who dis.”

Go ahead and check out the latest track from Chronic Law.