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Agent Sasco Wife Nicole Shared Hilarious Video Of Him Applying Makeup To His Daughter

Agent Sasco is being dubbed as the ‘Coolest Daddy in Dancehall’ after his wife Nicole Campbell McLaren posted a video yesterday, of him applying eye shadow to his eldest daughter’s face as she readied for a ballet photoshoot.

“Omg he come take over. We’re both scared,” Nicole captioned the video post, which attracted more than 46,000 views. Sasco, whose given name is Jeffrey Campbell was busy applying the makeup to his daughter’s eyelids when he was interrupted by his wife.

“A wha di backside a gwaan in yah? Jefferey, do you even know what you are doing right now?” she said playfully. “Is awrite. How difficult it is fi paint a face?” Sasco, who turns 37 in December, responded as he looked up from his makeup artistry duties.

“A regular wi beat a face,” he responded after Nicole told him that paint was not the correct word. Nicole’s followers were highly impressed with Sasco’s nurturing of his adolescent daughter and poured out commendations to him, some claiming he was ‘winning right now”.

“The way he’s holding her face brings tears to my eyes. Fathers are so important. True love,” nicebrowng said, while another follower wrote: “This picture says so much… absolute trust and confidence. You think Sasco a big time makeup artist.”

Two days earlier Sasco generated a big buzz on his Instagram page after he posted an image of himself clad in golfing gear and was jeered by Safaree who posted: “Dog you look like a mail man” along with laughing emoticons. Sasco replied: “Safaree, that’s because I always deliver bro!”, a response that his followers have hailed as the ‘clapback of the year’ and which received close to 800 likes, cementing his fans approval.

The subsequent chain reaction, reversed the positions, making Safaree, a Jamaican by birth, now the target for jokes. “Agent Sasco, you have won this round hands down. Ain’t no way Safaree can recover from that. Que Rihanna’s #mandown,” gratefulblessedkk wrote, while another evidently amused woman noted: “Agent Sasco: 10, Safaree: 0.”