Lil Kim Hates Naturi Naughton’s Portrayal In ‘Notorious’ Movie, Here Is Her Reason

Lil Kim was not pleased with the B.I.G. movie “Notorious.” As a matter of fact, the rapper revealed that she hated everything about the film, including Naturi Naughton’s performance.

In the movie “Notorious,” Naturi Naughton, who plays Tasha on Power, plays the role of Lil Kim. While many viewers appreciated Naturi’s portrayal of the iconic female rapper, Lil Kim herself thought what the actress depicted was nothing like her. During a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Kim was asked about the 2009 movie, and her response was honest and tactless.

“I’m gonna touch on this briefly because I think everybody already knows my answer to this, but I hated everything about that movie,” Lil Kim said in the interview. “I hated it. Wasn’t involved in it. I actually had to get my lawyers involved which I ended up getting a check from it. That was the only reason I was just – whatever.” One of the interviewers agreed that while Naturi is a great actress she doesn’t have the likeness of Lil Kim.

Lil Kim was not a part of the movie’s production, so of course, she did not have a say in casting. In her interview with Jason Lee, the rapper admitted that she would have never cast Naturi. “I was not okay with that!… I would have never picked her. Never, ever, ever. She has nothing in common with me. Nothing. No, seriously. I said it already, so I’m not gonna sit here and act like I didn’t say these things.”

She went on to explain that she especially did not take kindly to Naturi’s documentary that followed her disapproval of the actress playing her. “I don’t like the way she’s been disrespectful about it. I wasn’t even like, basically blaming her, but she did like a whole documentary coming at me,” Kim said. “I’m like ‘what the heck is this?’ I said like ‘okay boo, you don’t want this smoke.'”

Naturi Naughton has been popping up in the headlines lately for being roasted; it looks like she’s in season. Power Tasha can’t catch a break on or off screen.