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Yella Beezy and Chris Brown Link Up In “Restroom Occupied” Cut

Yella Beezy finally drops off his new video “Restroom Occupied” featuring Chris Brown.

Don’t you just hate it when you need to go, but you see that the restroom is occupied? Well, guess what? Yella Beezy made a song about it. The Detroit rap sensation teamed up with R&B hitmaker Chris Brown also known as Breezy, to bring you a new video for the track “Restroom Occupied.” The song comes from Beezy’s newest project Baccend Beezy which was released back in July of this year. The song itself bumps hard. Noteworthy lyrics include,

“We are not in the same league, same lane, same place (nah, nah) / We don’t move at the same speed, can’t be no race (ooh, oh yeah) / You can keep smilin’, you can keep starin’ me down / I ‘ma take your b*tch, watch me / You look around, she is nowhere to be found.”

After reading the lyrics above and reflecting on the artistes and the title of the song, we are always sure the song can be classified as an anthem for the players.

With this in mind, the video ties perfectly with the song. The video has all the right substances, the skimpily clad ladies, a bit of smoking, a dark club, the shock effect of Chris and his partner in crime parting in the ladies’ bathroom, and the comedic relief provided by Michael Blackson. Blackson’s inclusion may have something to do with Chris spending more time with his African pal Davido, but that’s a whole different story.

The comedian does add a great topping to the video with the few noteworthy lines he gives,” “Stop it! Leave my women alone, Breezy or both of you, Come out now!” Maybe the most iconic part of his speech is when he slightly whispers, “sweetheart please don’t do the thing you do to me with them N**gas.”

Sadly for Blackson, the party doesn’t end, and the restroom stays occupied. Beezy did open for Chris on his North American INDIGOAT Tour. Therefore, we could see a lot more collaborations from the two.