Diddy Is Still Heartbroken On The Anniversary Of Kim Porter’s Death

Diddy is still in mourning as the first anniversary of Kim Porter’s death nears.

Diddy has been in a pretty emotional place since the tragic pneumonia-related death of his children’s mother, Kim Porter, last year. While the producer and businessman appeared to be in good spirits lately as he recently celebrated his 50th birthday and announced that he would continue to celebrate all year round, earlier today, on the eve of Kim’s first death anniversary, Diddy echoed grief across all his social media.

Taking to Instagram, Diddy posted a broken red heart with the caption “KP” for his late ex-spouse and mother of his kids. Diddy and Kim were together for decades and had a very close relationship. Even though they had already separated by the time she passed away, Kim remained a close friend of the mogul, and they kept it the same with their close-knit family. Her passing was an unforgettable and heartbreaking tragedy for Diddy and their children. Even fans grieved for weeks at the announcement of her death.

Earlier this year, Diddy admitted that he “played himself” by not marrying Kim Porter when she was alive. We’ve seen Mr. Combs make some attempts to be happy again with Lori Harvey and maybe some other flings, but the iconic music man simply cannot move on from his soul mate.

Tomorrow will be one year since Kim Porter died of lobar pneumonia. As Diddy is already expressing that he’s still mourning on social media, it’s expected that he will continue to release the emotions online, especially tomorrow, on the actual date she died. We wish the family peace and serenity and pray they’ll get through this hard time together. I suppose it never gets easier, but I hope it will get better for the grieving family, friends, and supporters. R.I.P. Kim Porter.

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