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Elephant Man Named Dancehall Icon Of Dance At Magnum Big 20

Elephant Man dancehall

Dancehall veteran Elephant Man is on track to one the biggest comebacks dancehall has ever seen. It seems the stars are all aligning correctly for the artiste as he also recently received a pretty nifty award.

Magnum recently launched its Big 20 promotion, celebrating its 20 years of providing a satisfying tonic wine to the Jamaican public. Part of their promotion saw them honoring the dancehall stalwart, who has made a huge impact on the culture. Ele copped the #MagnumBig20Award Dancehall’s Icon of Dance. The artiste is seen holding the painting he was awarded while standing in front of an opened box ox magnum. Elephant Man reposted the image on his Instagram page and captioned it with his most recent slang, “Image is every ting.”

Other dancehall acts who got honored include, the Stone Love Sound who got the #MagnumBig20Award Dancehall’s BIG Sound System award, Lenky Marsden was awarded #MagnumBig20Award – Dancehall’s BIG Riddim- for his creation of the Diwali Riddim, RD Studios Jamaica got the #MagnumBig20Award- Dancehall’s BIG Video Director.

Quite a few other dancers, producers, and selectors also copped award, and with Magnum’s promotion still running, we could see some of your other favorites being awarded.

Elephant Man as been working nonstop since his performance on the 2019 staging of the Reggae Sumfest, where he delivered a sizzling, energy-filled set. He entered the stage dressed in a gold armor as he danced and partied with patrons. The entertainer even jumped off stage to party with fans, not missing a beat while he sang some of his most well-known dancing tracks. Adding to his magnificent comeback, the Energy God has even released a new track called “Find It.” The track stays true to his dancing roots and is now a regular in many selectors dancing playlist.

We wait to see what else Elephant Man has in store for his fans.