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B2K’s Lil Fizz Capping About Friendship With Omarion, Here Is The Receipt

Omarion and Lil Fizz

B2K singers Lil Fizz and Omarion’s relationship was even more complicated than it seems.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has lucked up on perhaps one of its juiciest storylines in many years when castmates Apryl Jones and Dreux ‘Lil Fizz’ Frédéric began publicly dating despite both of their ties to singer Omarion. Apryl has two children with the former B2K lead singer, and Fizz and Omarion were together in the popular boyband for its five year run in the music and movie business and even just finished a reunion tour at the end of this summer. But only months later, Fizz revealed that he was publicly dating Omarion’s baby mother and said he waited to make things official with Apryl until he no longer had to see O on tour. The reality stars both claim that Fizz and Omarion were never friends, and their relationship was strictly based on business. But old interviews of the celebs have resurfaced that tell a different story.

An old clip of Omarion and Apryl sitting down with Cherese Nicole in 2014 began to circulate on social media Wednesday. In it, the host brings up a moment that took place a month prior when Fizz said the highlight of his career was mending his relationship with Omarion. He made mention that there was definitely tension between them in the past, but Fizz was proud that they were able to forgive each other and reconnect. “We been kind of, like, off for a while. So being that we rekindled our friendship and everything, it’s a good energy and good vibe for my life right now,” Fizz says.

The host then asked Omarion how it felt to hear those words from his former bandmate. “That’s dope. That’s real, that’s excellent,” he said. “Well to be completely honest with you, as a man, brotherhood is real important. To be able to have the type of experiences that we’ve had together … you know when people say ‘we grew up together,’ like no we really grew up together. We really were separated from our family and we were family on the road.” O went on to say that hearing Fizz’s kind words about him was “like the dopest thing ever.”

Although those statements were made five years ago, it is still unclear where Fizz and Omarion’s relationship went left since then. It seemed from those clips that they were closer than Fizz and Apryl want fans to believe, many of whom have criticized their decision to be together. Both gentlemen admit that things weren’t always great between them, but these interviews show that they definitely had a lot of love for each other at some point, which makes Fizz and Apyl’s relationship even more bizarre. Nonetheless, the two look happy together and continue to defend their decision against any haters. All the while, Omarion seems very unbothered. We are sure this saga will continue for a long time coming.