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XXXTentacion’s Final Album “Bad Vibes Forever, Vol. 1” Coming Soon

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XXXTentacion has a new album, Bad Vibes Forever, Vol. 1, in the works, according to his estate.

Songs such as, “Don’t Cry,” “Moonlight,” “BAD!” and “Sad!” all soared high on the Billboard charts. Sadly, a majority of his success came after his death. XXXTentacion rap about love, death, and dark times he faces, admittedly, a retrospect of the life he was living. Even though the Florida rapper had a few demons he was battling, he was revered as one of the game changers in this new generation of hip hop. His music will live on at as we are set to get some more music released posthumously by one of the most influential, young rappers the world has come to know.

An XXXTentacion fan page on Twitter page tweeted, “In honor of xxxtentacion’s final album, Bad Vibes Forever, Vol 1. There will be a BAD clothing pop up.” Skinz, the first posthumous album released for the rapper, was not what fans were expecting or what they wanted, and one hopes this final project will remove the bad taste of the previous.

Along with the music, you can also show your support and respect by visiting the pop-up shop at Alchemist in Miami, which should run for two days, from November 16 to November 17. The controversial rapper made a mark on his younger fans who were sent into shock when news broke of his assassination on the evening of June 18, 2018. The rapper was shot in his car upon exiting a motorbike showroom in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

We await the release of the new album that is set to be released by his estate.