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Jada Kingdom Drops Conscious New Single “Execution”

Jada Kingdom released a new socially and politically conscious song that is unlike anything we’ve heard from the dancehall artist before.

The “Banana” artist took a quick hiatus from her current dancehall war with Shenseea to unveil her new song “Execution,” which makes a very compelling political statement. The theme of the track is protecting young children’s innocence and not preserving the lives of rapists after their heinous crimes.

“Protect the babies, yes, low dem mek dem grow nuh,” Jada sings. “Exceution fi rape / Prison a guh too good fi dem / Full time we firm up wi meds / That’s why we ask Fada God fi strength / Mi seh execution fi rape / Put a rope roun dem neck an mek dem heng / We nah no mercy fi none a dem.”

Jada Kingdom was a victim of sexual abuse growing up, which makes her new song something that she can personally relate to and that is also evident in her smooth and passionate vocals. She couldn’t have opted for a better moment to release this controversial social commentary track than when all eyes were on her and her dancehall rival. The song on Jada Kingdom’s official Vevo has garnered over 50,000 plays since its release and is fast approaching 10,000 likes.

Fans in the comments have been resonating with the lyrics of this powerful admonishment of rapists. Jada also released a clean version of the song on the same day that is rivaling the explicit version in user interactions. “This should play in prison or jail in the rapers cells…who agree?” one fan asked in the comments. “It’s weird because the raw version is more deep,” another fan said. Check out Jada’s new anthem here.