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DaBaby Offered To Cashapp Fan For Rapping Stunna 4 Vegas ‘Animal’ Lyrics

DaBaby never jokes about giving away cash to random fan.

What’s a quick way to earn a $100.00? Easy, get on Dababy‘s live, and rap one of his tracks. Maybe it was a one time offer, but a fan did get the opportunity to be sent a quick 100 via Cashapp if she was able to rap $tunna 4 Vegas’s section on their collaborative effort titled “Animal,” that was released back in 2018. $tunna 4 Vegas and Dababy both hail from North Carolina and have been doing shows together for some time now. DaBaby made his mark on the hip hop scene with a gritty track called “Suge.” This propelled him into that key level called stratospheric success.

Success is the same no matter what field you are referring to, and since “Suge” he has released his sophomore album, which is doing pretty well. If you are aware of the laws of success, you will know that one key law is giving back, and this is definitely what the rapper was doing. Not only was he showing his fans some love on his Instagram Live by giving away money for verses, but he was also showing his boy some love by shedding light on the verse done by $tunna 4 Vegas.

In the video, he asks his female fan is she knew the $tunna 4 Vegas song called “Animals,” and she replied, “Yea, it’s my favorite.” He then replied, “how much money do I got to Cashapp you for you to rap that song right now, word for word.”

She was clearly shocked at the offer and blurted out a quick, “Don’t even start with me,” while a huge smile crept across her face. After pausing for a bit to discuss who should play the track, she starts to rap. However, she is stopped by the rapper, who then asks her to sing a bit louder. “Woo Woo Woo, I need you louder than that baby, loud like you’re on stage, you ready? Let’s go.”

Peep the video below. Would you be able to rap the verses to earn that $100.00?