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Squash Drops Gritty Video “Bandit” While Flaunting His Wealth

Squash released a new video, “Bandit,” a song that was released earlier in the year on the One Way Riddim. We now have visuals for this outlaw as he showcases his mild-debauchery, womanizing ways, weaponry, and did I mention his wild rides.

To kick things off, we get the 6IX boss himself, defining why he is being called a bandit, his wanted poster reads, “Wanted for destroying marriage, breaking up relationships and driving females crazy.” The video cuts to a gorgeous female who we catch a few seconds later dancing alongside a black Mercedes Benz G Wagon Brabus. Along with beautiful ladies, we can say that this video is a car lover’s fantasy. Along with the black Mercedes, we are treated to sports bikes and a blue Italian beast, a droptop Ferrari.

Squash Easily Has Some Of The Best Videos,” commented one viewer. Another viewer mentioned the power of the video, “The video mek the song hot again, no joke.” “Nah lie everything about this tuff, song bad and the video match it perfectly!!! Job well done,” mentioned another at the concept of the video and applauding everyone involved. With all these comments, one has to say hats off to Magical Studios, who took care of the editing, which is sometimes the most crucial part of making a music video.

Watch the video for squashes single “Bandit” that was released early today, November 09, 2019.