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YNW Melly Is In Good Spirit In This New Video From Prison

YNW Melly was all smiles and appears to be in good spirit in a newly released video from prison.

Despite facing the possibility of the death penalty for a double murder charge, Florida rapper YNW Melly was recorded watching his newest music video for the song “223s” from behind bars, all while smiling and cheering for the camera. Melly, whose real name is Jamell Maurice Demons, was arrested and charged in the shooing death of two of his friends in February of this year. Before his arrest, Demons was making his way in the music industry, possibly on his way to stardom after releasing the album We All Shine featuring Kanye West and the hit track “Murder on My Mind.”

It seems that song title was not metaphorical, as police allege YNW Melly and fellow rapper YNW Bortlen murdered their two friends and staged the crime scene to look like a drive-by.

The rapper does not appear to be shying away from the accusations he is facing in his music, seeming to reference the murders in “223s” with the lyrics “Heard he caught a body, well that does not mean sh*t to me. Got two on me, got two on me.” In October of 2018, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser, both part of the YNW crew along with Melly, were shot and killed in Miramar, Florida. Melly publicly mourned the loss of his friends and soon released a YouTube documentary featuring the two departed rappers. It is now alleged that Melly killed both victims, and Bortlen staged the crime scene.

Melly has continued to maintain his innocence, despite song lyrics that would imply otherwise. Investigators have released details about the charges that they believe prove Melly was at the crime scene, and that the bullet holes found on the outside of the vehicle were staged to appear as if they had occurred in a drive-by. Meanwhile, YNW Melly’s team and fans continue to support him and his music.