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Ja Rule Went On Wild Twitter Rant About Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Madness

Ja Rule goes on a rant on Twitter, calling black people embarrassing for the whole Popeyes chicken sandwich craze.

You would think that the world has stopped going crazy over chicken sandwiches from fast-food chain Popeyes, but reports are still going out that people are being injured and even killed over it. Can a sandwich have so much power? It seems so. A few months ago, people started taking to social media to detail their love of Popeyes chicken sandwich, and this resulted in it going viral, increasing the number of people visiting the restaurant to check it out for themselves. The sandwich was apparently so good that it had a profound impact on people who could not get enough. It didn’t take long for the branches to starting running out of this delicious spicy chicken sandwich, which caused an uproar from customers who became violent as a result. At some locations, customers got into physical altercations over who would get the last sandwich.

Now it seems that Ja Rule has had enough as he takes to his Twitter page to bash all the chicken sandwich lovers. The rapper is so pissed off he harshly criticizes customers calling them an embarrassing disappointment. Ja Rule kicked off his rant tweeting, “Y’all really out here acting like n*ggas over a f**king chicken sandwich… smh… now I’m never gonna eat one on principles alone!!! F**king idiots y’all are what’s wrong with our people… I’m so disappointed in my ppl we better than this….”

In response to a man being stabbed to death over the chicken sandwich he tweeted, “Smh so f**king embarrassing… idgaf if nobody wanna say it YALL ARE F**KING BUGGING it’s a chicken sandwich…” This whole rant of his blew up in his face as he immediately got slammed for his opinions. Fans were quick to remind him of his failed Fyre Festival and the disaster of a meal that was served. Fans reposted pics of the slices of bread and cheese with veggies on the side that were served in a styrofoam container. Fans called Ja a fraud and stated that he ripped people off. One person tweeted, “you coulda did better than fyre festival so we even,” to which he responded, “We are FAR from even… trying to start a viable business that failed vs. cooning over a chicken sandwich… We are NOT the same…”

He later added, “I didn’t rob anyone Billy did that’s why he’s in prison… but continue to blame the black guy with false accounts of wtf happened…” It didn’t stop there as the Popeyes chicken sandwich assault continued and later evolved into a racism issue as fans claimed that he dissed black people with his tweets. Fans then dragged 50 Cent into the matter thanking him for always ripping on Ja Rule.

Take a look at the rest of his tweets below.