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Beyoncé’s “Halo” Surged On iTunes Chart After 10 Years After TikTok Viral Videos

Beyonce’s decade old single “Halo” saw a resurgence on the iTunes Top 200 chart perhaps thanks to TikTok.

Good songs last ‘forever’ and we bring this statement to life whenever we put on one of our jams from the yesteryear. However, it is very rare when those songs make it back to the charts to compete with the current body of work that is being released. Beyoncé‘s 2008 track “Halo” obviously has the right sauce to do just that and more. The song was released on her I Am… Sasha Fierce album back in 2008 and was nominated for Record of the Year at the Grammy awards in 2009 and won Best Song at the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards.

The song is clearly a masterpiece, and fans just cannot help but sing to it and belt out your best rendition in the shower. However, is it really that good to resurface on the charts in this way? The BeyonceOnChart Twitter account recently tweeted, “After being released 10 years ago, Beyoncé’s “Halo” re-enters in the Top 200 on iTunes US at #156.” That number has since climbed to No. 124 at the time of this publication.

What is the reason for the newfound love for this decade-old song? Is it that a new generation has fallen in love with the song and is making it known with their buying power?

One Twitter commentator seems to think this as a result of TikTok. TikTok is the fairly new Chinese social media hub that enables users to create and share short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. The online platform has over 500 million active users, with 150 million being generated from China alone, making them the country with the most use. Other Asian territories such as Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam also welcome the app and are recording increased use. Western countries are also getting hooked on the platform, with America seeing a rapid increase in the number of downloads. The platform is adding to the greater unification of the Eastern and Western worlds and what better way to do that than by having fun and providing your best rending to your favorite tune.

There are a lot of Beyonce impressions, especially those of persons singing “Halo.” While this does not provide a valid reason for the upsurge in sales for this track, it is definitely a good place to start digging.

The love for the song is growing, and it would not be surprising if the song skyrockets further on the iTunes chart.