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Akon Says He Once Bought A Gas Station For His Crib

Akon reminisces about the dumbest purchases he’s made during his career, and fans are wilding at the revelation.

During an interview on Ebro In The Morning back in September, Akon detailed items he bought at the highlight of his career that he now regrets. Looking back on the purchases, Akon states that he couldn’t see the error at the time, but now that he’s older and wiser, he realizes his grave mistakes as he did not need the items. One of the show’s hosts asks Akon what the dumbest thing he has ever bought is? Akon responded, “The dumbest thing I bought was a gas station at my house. I didn’t need it.” The host then shockingly asks, “So you could fill up your cars on your own?” Akon unashamedly answers, “100 percent.”

He went on to add, “Actually, my first dumbest decision was that big ass convict chain I bought, 150 thousand dollars.” The show’s host then asks if he still has the chain, but Akon states that he auctioned it. He elaborated on the purchase of the chain, saying that he didn’t need it and that at the time, there was a lady who used to work for him that used to ask him why he wasted his money on such lavish items and he was an intelligent guy.

The lady questioned why rappers bought diamonds and chains and what the purpose of it all was. Akon explained that in the music game, everyone wears big chains, but now he can look back and see that it was a dumb decision. The host responds to his admission citing that he is now that lady. Akon agreed saying, “It was me that didn’t get it. If I knew then what I know now, I would have never spent that money. Now I’m looking at these young boys like why ya’ll wasting ya’ll money on this stuff.”

Fans who watched the interview have all been singing the same tune, complete disbelief that the chain was that pricey as they all say that the chain looks much cheaper in value, adding that Akon got ripped off. Fans also could not believe that he purchased a whole gas station for his house. One fan commented, “ni**a said gas station for the crib damnnnn,” while another added, “Yea he was dumb fasho cause that piece ain’t worth 150k. Jeweler GOT HIS ASS.”

Check out the full interview below, during which Akon also defends the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson.