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Dreezy Threatens To Air Jacquees Out, Says She is Single

Dreezy and Jacquees

We all know the internet has connected us in more ways than we can think of. However, nowadays, you have to be careful, especially with relationships, as when one goes sour, so could your entire world.

Chicago female rapper Dreezy and self-proclaimed r&b king Jacquees recently called it quits on their relationship, at least that is what was implied by recent social media incidents. Early in September, Dreezy tweeted, “Single [Shruggs emoji].” Surprisingly, there was no comment from Jacquees, perhaps he wanted to work things out offline, which is so rare, especially with the invention of social media.

On this faithful day of October 30, 2019, it seems Jacquees had a certain urge to make his feelings/thoughts known online. He tweeted, “You can’t make me feel bad for decisions you made.”

He did not mention Dreezy in his tweet, plus it is alleged that Dreezy unfollowed her ex on Twitter. In light of these findings, we are not sure how she got word of the tweet. However, she didn’t hesitate to clap back with her own fiery response, “When I air yo sh*t out on this app don’t say sh*t..”

This seems like a clear threat to release information that may damage the artiste. If Dreezy does follow through on her threats, it could be seen as defamation of character if there are no proper grounds for whatever she says.

It seems the love was only lost on Dreezy’s side, though, as Jacquees is still following her on social media accounts. The fans are asking that they take their feud off social media and work things out like mature adults.

Seemingly fed up with the relationship woes, fans have been asking for more music, and on October 28, 2019, the ‘r&b king’ confirmed we should have some fresh material for our listening pleasure quite soon. His new album drops November 08, 2019.

In the meantime, we hope that they work things out and come to an amicable resolution.