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Dancehall Fans Trolls Jahvillani Over His Drip

It seems Jahvilani has taken Foota Hype’s scathing remarks about upcoming artistes from his generation attending stage shows dressed like ‘bush robbers’, to heart.

The “Clarks Pon Foot” artiste posted a photo of himself clad in a formal red suit on Saturday, the morning after an interview was aired on the Entertainment Report on Television Jamaica, in which Foota said young artistes were showing up to perform on stage shows looking like common street criminals and thieves.

“Mi watch one a dem perform di odda night and him a sing out him life and di way how him look, him look like him come fi grab a chain and pick pocket and di people dem a look pon him like ‘dis man look like a thief’. So dem nuh gi him nuh forward and him have one a di hottest song inna Dancehall,” Foota, whose real name is Oneil Thomas had told host Anthony Miller.

In the photo of the suit supposedly posted to appease Foota, and which was a tad too large for his skinny frame, Jahvillani’s poses with his trademark blunt between his fingers.

While many of his fans heaped praised the St. Ann-based artiste, others lampooned him about the trousers, which was a few sizes too big and long, causing it to pool around his ankles.

“Pants big,” one follower said dryly, while another follower jvedon declared: “pants dem big doh dwg.”

The jeering about the size of the trousers did not stop there as other commenters joined in and had a grand time teasing the 25-year-old about his oversized pants.

“Lol fus mi eva see u wear a big pants fam. A awa e tailor run outa thread?” another amused follower jeered, while another mocked: “Steady wid eh big pants.”

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The style of Jahvillani’s untailored red and white garb apparently reminded the followers that Christmas was on the horizon, as they kept labeling him a Dancehall Santa Claus, pinning him with nicknames such as “Javi Claus” “Gyal dem Santa,” “Wile Santa” and “Santa Clause in October.”

“How d dawg b looking like Santa come early fi d Christmas; am sure am on d naughty list,” chungsherlene32 wrote, while another male follower jeered: “Mi swear a did santaclaws enuh dwag”.

The humor was not lost on chrxsrxch who posted: “fresh from di north pole” or zj_roj who wrote: “Badman santa”. They were joined by another of their compatriots who asked Jahvillani: “U tun pirate sa?”

Amidst the teasing was one caustic remark which came from one of the older female followers who posted: “A wah kinda b*tty man dressing this?”