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Rapper Bhad Bhabie And Old Foe Woah Vicky Gets Into Huge Brawl, Full Video

Bhad Bhabie

Bhad Bhabie recently got into a brawl with Instagram star, turned rapper Woah Vicky.

While both Instagram stars share many similarities, they clearly cannot stand the sight of each other. The two have been locked in an Instagram beef since 2018, and things took a nasty turn when Bhad Bhabie pulled up on Vicky at a mall in Glendale, California, early in 2018. While no punches were thrown during that altercation, it was quite a scene. It seems Vicky was saving all her energy for today’s encounter that took place at a California studio.

Reports coming in are a bit sketchy, however, it seems Bhad Bhabie, who is dressed in a red sweater, pulled up on Vickie during a studio session. One of the clips from the video captures Bhabie being pinned to the floor by Vicky, who is the older and bigger of the two.

As the video progresses, Bhabie can be heard shouting, “What you doing? Get off me!” One of the onlookers jokingly mocked her, “You came here and got beat up, you stupid. She replied asking, “Who got beat up?” This all happened while Vicky threw some pretty aggressive punches, however, we not sure if any of them really did any harm. Another video captures a screaming Bhad Bhabie as she shouts, “Get the f**k off me” while being held by a few of the males who were in the studio.

Woah Vicky posted a video on Instagram of Bhad wrestling with the person who was filming her being pulled from the studio. The whole hip hop community seems ‘unbothered’ by the two beefing with many claiming it’s all for show. A lot of persons are just trashing Bhabie for her squeaky voice and questioning the “Catch Me Outside” artiste’s fighting skills.

One twitter commenter joked, “I bet it smells like glue sticks, Tapioca pudding, and cultural appropriation in there. Not a fan.’

With the beef dragging on since last year, things seem pretty real. Let’s hope that it does not escalate into anything worst now that things have gotten physical.