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Tommy Lee Sparta Drops New Single “Vanilla”

Tommy Lee Sparta Story

Tommy Lee Sparta just released the official lyric video for his new song “Vanilla,” and it’s definitely got that dancehall trap vibe.

The Spartan Boss hasn’t disappointed with the bangers that he’s been releasing this year. As the decade closes out, it seems the dancehall deejay saved some of his best material for last. This new track definitely has international appeal for several reasons: Tommy Lee uses up space on the beat, delivers the lyrics quite clearly, and the hook is understandable to English speakers regardless of the Jamaican patois that is used.

Let’s talk about the flow; Tommy Lee inserts a trap hip-hop flow on the dancehall beat to create a vibes-filled track that makes you want to move. The best part is the song fits in so well with both genres that whether you’re doing the “nae nae” or the “good ting dem” dance, the beat and flow complements the bounce. Tommy Lee brings a lot of swag to this Sky Bad Musiq production as well, just his expression and the inflections can really make for a different, more trendy sound.

“A my life so whateva / F**k nuff gyal ’cause white pon mi liver / Drive inna di Range or drive inna di Bimma / Bare gyal a wave a seh ‘Hi’ to the singer / Like “Hey, Tommy Lee, What’s up? / Bare gyal a seh mi sweet like a vanilla / Money nuff, nobody cya hype pon a n***a,” Tommy Lee said.

The Spartan boss brings lyrics and flow to “Vanilla” and it’s definitely a sweet listen. Check out Tommy Lee Sparta’s new banger.