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Nicki Minaj Ex Safaree Samuels’ Robber Cops Guilty Plea


Nicki Minaj ex-boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, is one step closer to securing justice for his armed robbery.

Carl Harry, one of the men who allegedly robbed Jamaican/American rapper, Safaree in 2018, has pled guilty. Just last year in April, Safaree was held at gunpoint and robbed of his cash and jewelry worth over $180k. It was reported that the three attackers had allegedly been following the Love and Hip Hop star, and the robbery went down in a parking garage.

We later learned that Safaree Samuels knew one of the men very well, and if they were convicted would be facing up to 20 years behind bars. The three men, Shawn Harewood, Tacuma Ashman, and Carl Harry, were indicted for possession of a gun in the second degree, armed robbery in the first degree, and resisting arrest after they fled their totaled vehicle to try to escape on foot.

One of the alleged robbers, Carl Harry, has now copped a plea deal and pled guilty to a felony in this case; that’s 1 count of conspiracy to commit theft. In exchange, prosecutors agreed to recommend a shorter sentence and 5 years probation to follow his jail time, according to TMZ.

While the other men’s 7-count indictment is still in play, Harry’s other 6 charges were dismissed. He is expected to only do 364 days in the Bergen County Jail, which is a far better bargain than the 20-year sentence that he was looking at originally. Harewood and Ashman are set to go to trial in December, and Harry’s sentencing will be in January.

Safaree was held at gunpoint during the robbery that was caught on the parking garage, surveillance footage. The perpetrators were seen going through the victim’s red fur coat before making him and his pal get facedown on the ground. Safaree and his friend fled the scene following the robbers’ escape. The New York Police Department caught the perpetrators not long after the incident.