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XXXTentacion Drops New Song “Hearteater” With Gory Artwork


The late XXXTentacion has constantly been immortalized through his music, but he is really bringing a new definition to the word. One of X’s tracks “Hearteater” was re-released by EMPIRE and it hits so close to home, it’s hard to believe he really isn’t here anymore. The track is predominantly Alternate Rock, with an electric guitar being the primary string throughout the instrumental.

“Hearteater, why’d you eat my heart alive? / Still breathing, why you looking so surprised? / Hearteater, try but you will not suffice,” X sings.

The lyrics are concise and catchy, and the heart-touching beat really makes listeners feel connected to the late passionate young rapper. The Bad Vibes Forever / EMPIRE production has already garnered over 2 million views on Youtube in the short time that it’s been released. The single though not entirely new, is still being played and replayed incessantly. This goes to show the love that XXXTentacion fans still have for him and his art. Literally, every comment on the video says “LLJ” or “Long Live Jahseh”. Check out the latest copyrighted song by XXXTentacion below.