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Offset’s Baby Mama Demands More Child Support For Their Daughter

Offset’s child support tab might go up significantly.

Rapper Offset is being accused of not being a good father by one of his baby mamas. This came as a surprise to the fans of the Migos rapper, who is currently a father to four. Reports are that Nicole Marie Algarin, the mother of Offset’s child Kalea has stated that he has been providing limited financial assistance, and she intends to take him to court. According to a TMZ, a DNA test has already proven that Offset is the father of 4-year-old Kalea, who he posted a photo of him holding earlier this year with the caption “Daddy’s girl.” Nicole finds the funds she has been receiving from the Migos rapper to be inadequate and is hoping to rectify that by getting a formal court-ordered payment issued, the publication says.

They also reported that Nicole wants Offset to have regular visits in the summer and on weekends and holidays. Well, it’s good to hear that she wants him to be an active dad and not just a cash cow. However, it’s unfortunate that this matter could not be settled outside of the court.

So what does this mean for the world-famous rapper? Do happenings of this nature hurt his credibility in the industry or the perception of his fans? Based on what we have seen with the likes of Michael Jackson and R.Kelly, terrible allegations aren’t enough to ruin an artiste’s reputation in the minds of their fans. Many fans came to Offset’s defense, claiming that his baby mama only got pregnant to secure a payday. Who can blame them for thinking that based on previous happenings in the entertainment industry? Then again, who knows what is in play here? One thing we do know is if Offset is the child’s father, then he should pay up.

On the other side of the spectrum, it cannot be fare for celebrities to be taken advantage of because of their earning potential. Furthermore, they should take precautions to ensure that they aren’t embroiled in this family/domestic dispute. Good luck to Offset, Kalea and Nicole, we all hope this is worked out swiftly for the sake of all parties involved.