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Nicki Minaj Takes A Swipe At Lil Kim’s Album Sales, Fans Reacts

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Nicki Minaj is getting some heat for seemingly mocking Lil Kim’s album sales.

Lil Kim‘s newest album, 9, has been struggling since its debut. The album sold less than one thousand physical units in the first week and has failed to land any song on a Billboard chart. Soon after these numbers were posted on Twitter, Nicki Minaj tweeted two cryptic tweets that have fans believing she was making fun of Kim. The two tweets read, “Btch I-,” and, “Ikyfl,” which stands for, “B*tch I know you f*ckin lying.” There’s been no definite confirmation that the tweets are directed at Kim, but Nicki fans immediately began roasting Kim and her poor album sales in response.

The two rappers, both living legends in the female rap game, have had a history of beef ever since Nicki released promotional photographs of herself in 2007 that strongly resembled Lil Kim’s promotional pics for her 1996 album Hardcore. Kim let it be known that while she didn’t mind someone paying homage to her work, she expected to be credited when an up-and-coming female rapper used much of her persona as inspiration. Kim also pointed out that she was the first to refer to herself as “Barbie” in her lyrics, as well as the first female rapper to don colorful wigs and harness the power of her sexuality in her music. While Kim feels Nicki has been disrespectful, Nicki claims that Kim has been openly hostile to her since the two met, and she has only ever defended herself.

We may never know if Nicki’s tweets were meant for Kim, but the drama might be further fueled by Nicki’s twitter handle “Mrs. Petty,” which is now her legal name after marrying Kenneth Petty earlier this week. Meanwhile, Lil Kim continues to thank her fans on Instagram for their support and for making her album successful in several other countries.