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Is Jada Kingdom The ‘Female Dexta Daps’ In Dancehall?

Fans are calling Jamaican vocalist Jada Kingdom the ‘Female Dexta Daps,’ and she seems to strongly disagree with the notion. The 20-year-old songstress says while she is flattered by the comparison, her musical style is very different from the highly sexual ladies man Dexta Daps.

“I’m a big fan of Dexta Daps, and, of course, I’ve heard the comparisons, but I am really just doing me so I don’t really see the comparison, as flattering as they are,” she said in an interview with the Star. Jada Kingdom’s lyrical contents are usually laced with sexual innuendos, pair that with her young sexual image, it’s no wonder fans are labeling her the female version to the male sex symbol of dancehall.

While everyone’s focus seems to be on the graphical images portrayed in her music, the songstress says they steam from deeper roots. “My music is about deep emotions and feelings. Sometimes I just let my emotions spill into a track in a very raw way, and sometimes it is a little more suggestive. As a whole, my music is a reflection of life and how we all feel at different times,” she explained.

Although Jada Kingdom does not see the comparison between herself and Dexta Daps, she believes collaborating with Dexta Daps would really send fans into a frenzy. She also believes that a team-up with Jada Kingdom and Dexta Daps is a strong possibility for the future.

Meanwhile, Jada Kingdom’s most recent release Finally has been gaining a lot of international buzz, including attention from popular American magazine Rolling Stone. She believes that her career has grown significantly over the last two years, and she is very pleased with her progress. She expressed that she hopes that her music — Which is currently predominantly A rated — will one day appeal to all ages.